world cup blog 001

Soccer  Freefall #1

This drawing of bare-torsoed  soccer players  falling through space,  is drawn in charcoal, red and white  conté on a blue  ground.  The two elite players are able to  maintain an upright position  while the player wearing nondescript cut-off  white pants is performing a bicycle kick-. There are very few truly revolutionary players who were born wearing the finest clothes….

I just read  an interesting interview with Jerome Champagne,  candidate for the post of FIFA president  against  Sepp  Blatter.  Champagne’s ideas about  the need for more economic equality on every level in soccer, to  create fairer competitions among countries, continents and national  clubs  is very appealing. Unfortunately, anyone running  for a position in FIFA has to be careful using the  word corruption.  So Champagne maintains that FIFA is ethical but not transparent.  While no revolutionary, Champagne’s ideas couldaddress some of the ridiculous  imbalances  of professional  and international  football(Will Bayern Munich  ever come in  lower than first place in the Bundesliga? Will African national  teams ever  have a real opportunity of practicing together when all of their players are in Europe or the Americas?)